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New For 2012 – Carousel Shortbread Pan

Carousel Shortbread Pan

Inspired by antique carved carousel animals from the turn of the 19th century. Our new Carousel Shortbread Pan depicts four different animals, saddled up and ready to prance into your dreams.

There are Horses, Lions, Elephants, and a fanciful giant Bird, each hand carved, each individual. There’s nothing like this.

As with all of our pans, the Carousel Pan comes with instructions and recipes, packed up in a pretty gift box. Made in America.

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  1. As usual, Lucy, does an outstanding job producing this beautiful pan! Just gorgous. I give out shortbread samples, at the shop, and everyone loves it! Thanks, Lucy, for making our world more beautiful!

    1. Hi, Sandy,
      Lee Valley Tools carries a couple of designs. You may need to go to a store that is willing to ship from the United States to get a broader selection of designs, however. I’m pretty sure Amazon would work for you.
      Happy Baking,

  2. I have purchased the snowflake and the thistle shortbread pans. I just love them. I bought them from Lee Valley. Thank You. Florence

    1. Try You will need to click on the bakeware tab, then the shortbread pan one. They do carry everything I make.


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