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Latest Design – American Butter Art

American Butter Art Shortbread Pan

American Butter Art Shortbread PanIn the early years of our country, farm wives decorated their home-made butter by stamping it with carved wooden images.

This shortbread pan reinterprets nine of these antiques designs to decorate shortbread – the best butter cookie of all.

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  1. I have recently fallen in love with your shortbread cookie molds, and one in particular, with flowers and berries. I tried to buy one today, through, and was told I could not have it shipped to Canada. Can I buy directly from you? I would be willing to send a money order to you in advance. Surely Canadians can have these lovely molds too, can’t we?
    Kathryn Mullaney

    1. Hi, Kathryn,

      There are a number of the stores that cheerfully ship to Canada. Try contacting Nancy Williams at Nancy’s Tea Room ( She ships all over the world and will take good care of you. Lee Valley Tools also carries Thistle Shortbread Pans, and I believe Snowflake pans around Christmas time.

      Happy baking!

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